Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank You Card - Paper Flower

This is a special thank you card for an elderly couple I've never met! They know my Mom from the library where she works, and sent us a very beautiful silver tray as a wedding present for me and my husband! I definitely wanted to make a special card for them.

I won't lie though and tell you this was easy to do, especially because at the time of making this card, I only had this picture to look at and couldn't find the instructions on how it was done! I studied it as closely as I could and saw it was probably 8 circles folded and placed together to form one big circle...

After many practice attempts and finally agreeing with myself on a practical method, I started cutting and folding... it was only AFTER I finished the whole thing that I found this blog entry to teach a much easier way to fold the pieces! Oh well!

HOW-TO (The HARD, fastidious way that I taught myself):
  • Cut 8 circles approximately 2" in diameter
  • Fold once in half, fold from there in half to have 4 quarters... unfold, then fold in half, and fold the sides down along the crease in the middle - unfold and you should have 8 "pie pieces"
  • This is where it got tricky... I used my scoring blade in my trimmer to score 2 lines - for each line, start at the same "bottom" end of a crease, and go up/outwards at a 45 degree angle, to form a "V"
  • Fold in along one side of the V, then fold part of that flap back aligned at the middle... then repeat on the other side
  • Repeat with each circle
  • Cut one 2 or 4" circle and fold similarly till you get 8 pie pieces
  • Put double sided adhesive on one side of the circle, then stick each folded circle into each pie piece
  • Add button and voila!

HOW-TO (The EASY way that I didn't see until I finished the hard way):
Side note: The materials I used were "Countryside" paper from the Farmhouse collection by Crate Paper. The button was from the matching farmhouse collection flea market buttons. The background paper was from the Amy Tangerine collection by American Crafts and the letter stickers are Teeny Alpha teal wood grain by Glitz.

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